A summary of the main technical benefits and features of the BattBoost:

  1. The BattBoost has universal application and can be attached to any mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs and powerchairs connecting easily, conveniently and safely without any modifications, alterations or damage to the vehicle.
  2. The BattBoost continuously facilitates greater power availability to the vehicle for use as and when required.
    1. This will allow the vehicle to maintain the user’s desired speed.
    2. This will also allow the vehicle to travel at the user’s desired speed for longer.
    3. This will also allow the vehicle to negotiate inclines more effectively and efficiently.
    4. This will also allow the vehicle to carry loads more effectively and efficiently.
  3. The BattBoost provides Lithium Power, and this is therefore in addition to that which the vehicle’s present batteries provide, thereby providing significantly greater overall amp hour (Ah) capacity.
  4. The increased overall capacity will allow the vehicle to have greater usage time and also in turn allow the vehicle to travel greater distances.
    1. This will also in turn greatly increase the interval time between charges, whilst in turn maintaining optimal charge.
    2. The BattBoost Lithium Power supply is also directed from the BattBoost to the batteries present on the vehicle, therefore eliminating the need for the vehicle to be connected to the mains power supply for charging
    3. The vehicle’s batteries can therefore be charged and recharged whenever required, whether it is ‘on the go’, whilst the vehicle is being used, as well as if it is stationary, switched off or in storage.
    4. The need to remove the vehicle’s battery pack, or batteries, is also eliminated.
    5. This is a very important benefit as not only is this much more convenient, but it greatly reduces the susceptibility of the mobility scooter user to injury, e.g. back pain, falling etc.
    6. The need to use the mains charger supplied with the vehicle to charge the vehicle’s batteries is also eliminated.
    7. However, if it is desired to remove the battery pack from the mobility scooter, these batteries can be charged off the mobility scooter using the BattBoost, with or without the BattBoost Lithium Power simultaneously being charged itself with its own charger. If it itself isn’t being charged, the BattBoost will charge the mobility scooter batteries, and if it is being charged, it will also charge the mobility scooter batteries as well as itself being charged simultaneously.
  5. The vehicle’s batteries’ optimum charge is monitored and maintained, which is much healthier for the batteries, maintaining optimal performance and condition as undesirable negative effects, e.g. sulfation, are reduced, thereby in turn increasing the overall life expectancy of the batteries.
    1. This will further in turn result in less waste of vehicles’ batteries, which is economically, ecologically and environmentally advantageous.
    2. As the mobility vehicle’s battery charge is constantly monitored and maintained, maximum performance will be facilitated and made available to the vehicle, whether recharging as the mobility scooter batteries are reducing in charge during use, extra available power for use going up inclines, for a heavier load or simply just to recharge the batteries after use or if they just require a top-up charge as capacity reduces gradually whilst the mobility scooter is idle.
  6. The BattBoost conveniently, safely, simply and easily connects directly to the mobility vehicle and does not require the vehicle, its batteries, or charger to be modified, adjusted or altered in any way.
    1. It is, therefore, essentially a ‘plug and play’ device, which is highly desirable, convenient, safe and cost-effective for the consumer.
  7. The output of the BattBoost Lithium Power is precisely monitored and controlled, ensuring that the optimum level of power and charge is provided at all times.
    1. This also ensures that all, some or none of the available BattBoost Lithium Power capacity can be used as and when necessary.
    2. This further ensures that there is no damage to any wiring, fuse or other electrical or electronic components of the vehicle during use of the BattBoost.
  8. The design of the BattBoost is such that it itself can be charged whilst connected to the vehicle, e.g. whilst the vehicle’s batteries are being charged in the usual manner, or on or off the vehicle, or indeed separately on or off the vehicle.This means that charging the BattBoost is also a convenient and versatile procedure, as well as the charging of the vehicle’s batteries using the BattBoost itself if desired, whether by the BattBoost on its own or whilst the BattBoost is being charged, and the charge in turn charges the mobility scooter’s batteries due to the clever monitoring ability of the BattBoost.
  9. Included with your BattBoost is the following:
    – Smart charger for recharging the BattBoost Lithium Power Technology;

    – Quick-release attachment for fitting the BattBoost to the mobility vehicle;
    – Coiled, flexible and detachable BattBoost discharge power cable;
    – BattBoost storage bag which includes a carry handle and a compartment for storing the discharge cable;
    – On/off switch to isolate the BattBoost Lithium Power supply when it is not in use;
    – User Manual