The Award-Winning BattBoost is a Patent Protected, unique, exciting and innovative new product that will improve the lives of so many elderly and disabled people who use powered mobility vehicles such as mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs!


Would you like MUCH more DISTANCE more POWER, RELIABILITY and FREEDOM from your mobility scooter, powerchair or electric wheelchair?




It is a well-known fact that the single most frequent cause of problems experienced throughout the life of a mobility vehicle is due to its batteries…

Click here for a list of common mobility vehicle battery problems:
  • Limited travel distance and usage time.
  • Limited available power.
  • Underpowered and can struggle on hills, greater loads or with the heavier user
  • The batteries gradually lose their power and capacity whilst in use, leading to a deterioration in overall performance
  • The batteries also gradually lose their capacity over their lifetime, leading to an ongoing deterioration in power, performance and distance
  • The batteries need to be replaced regularly, perhaps every year or two.
  • The batteries are very expensive to replace.
  • The batteries need to be charged very regularly, after each use, and deteriorate very quickly if not regularly charged.
  • The batteries cannot be left in a partially-discharged state otherwise they deteriorate even faster, possibly causing irreversible damage.
  • If the voltage has dropped too low, it may be impossible to recover charge, resulting in the batteries having to be replaced.
  • The battery pack of folding or dismantleable mobility vehicles is heavy, bulky and cumbersome and lifting it can cause injuries such as back strain.
  • The battery pack often has to be removed from the vehicle for charging, which is inconvenient and time-consuming, as well as there being a real risk of causing injury or accidents
  • Most mobility vehicle batteries contain lead-acid and are a tremendous burden on the environment, not only due to the manufacturing process, but also due to the amount of lead used in their manufacture, their eventual wastage and sometimes irresponsible disposal at the end of their life.

Previously, the user had little choice but to just accept the limitations of their mobility vehicle, and to continue using it even with all these disadvantages and problems – however, this very often leads to ‘range anxiety‘…


But now there is a SOLUTION…

Length: 180 mm
Width: 75 mm
Height: 100 mm
Weight: Less Than 2Kg
Length: 180 mm
Width: 75 mm
Height: 100 mm

Weight: Less Than 2Kg

Previously, the user had little choice but to just accept the limitations of their mobility vehicle, and to continue using it – even with all these disadvantages and problems – however, this very often leads to ‘range anxiety’…


But now there is a SOLUTION…

Attaching the BattBoost is Easy and Can be Fitted in a Variety of Ways:

Under the Seat.

In the Basket.

On the Armrest.

On the Rear of the Seat.

Universal Application:

  • The BattBoost can be QUICKLY and EASILY fitted to mobility scooters, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs, whether it is a new vehicle, or one that is many years old.
  • The BattBoost can be attached to a mobility vehicle of any size and with batteries of any size.
  • Although the vast majority of mobility vehicles contain lead-acid batteries, the BattBoost is also suitable for those vehicles with Lithium batteries already fitted.

Simply ‘Connect and Go!’:

  • The BattBoost conveniently connects directly to the mobility vehicle, without the need for any modifications to be made to the vehicle, batteries or charger, just drive normally.
  • The BattBoost has its own internal Lithium power supply and does not require any of the battery power from the mobility vehicle for it to function.
  • With a modern and attractive design, the BattBoost is compact, lightweight, portable and has a high quality construction.
  • The BattBoost is very cost-effective as there is a much reduced need to replace existing batteries, fewer breakdowns, repairs etc.

Significant Increase in Vehicle Range:

The Lithium Power and special electronics incorporated into the BattBoost ensure that there is a very significant increase in the travel range of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, both compact and the larger vehicle, whilst at the same time maintaining optimised battery charge.

Boosted Performance

  • The BattBoost is able to sense when more power is needed and seamlessly boosts the overall performance as and when required from either the BattBoost itself, the vehicle’s onboard batteries, or both simultaneously, optimising the overall efficient use of total available power
  • The BattBoost is specially and uniquely designed to facilitate the smooth delivery of power at all times

Greatly Increased Travelling Distance and Usage Time

  • The BattBoost continuously replaces lost charge and capacity of the vehicle’s batteries during use: charging, recharging and maintaining charge in the batteries – where normally their capacity would otherwise be gradually reduced – which greatly increases the mobility vehicle’s available travelling distance and usage time
  • The BattBoost has an on/off switch so that, although it will in practice be switched on the majority of the time during use, it can be switched off, if for example the user just wishes to use the power from the mobility scooter’s batteries as usual, and keep the BattBoost’s power in reserve, giving the user greater control of when it is most needed.

The BattBoost is Very Lightweight and Compact

The BattBoost weighs less than 2kg, which is only about 10-20% the weight of the average lead-acid mobility vehicle battery pack, and less than a quarter of the overall size. Not only does this make the BattBoost much more convenient and lighter to transport but greatly reduces the risk of physical injury and accidents such as trips and falls.

Versatile Charging On or Off Board

  • As an added feature, the BattBoost can also be used to charge the mobility vehicle – not only ‘on the go’ – but also whilst the vehicle is stationary, and either on or off board.
  • Furthermore,  both the vehicle’s batteries and the BattBoost Lithium Power can be charged simultaneously – either by using a charger to each, or by using only the BattBoost’s charger – the BattBoost recharges the vehicle’s batteries at the same time!
  • Alternatively, the batteries can still, if desired, be charged using their ordinary mains charger, whether this is normally on or off board.

The BattBoost is Cost-Effective

Without the need to replace the lead-acid batteries as often as usual, the BattBoost is very cost-effective. Not only can the BattBoost soon pay for itself, but in the meantime it gives the vehicle the extra ‘boost’ that it needs whilst negotiating hills, and allows the user to travel for a far greater distance! It’s less costly to the environment too!

The BattBoost is Safe and Transportable

The BattBoost and its components conform to the necessary regulations, safety standards and transportation certifications. These include: UN38.3, CB, IEC 62133, RoHS, CE, EMC, FCC, UL 1642 etc